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  • Intergalactic Femdom Love Zone 🌎🪐💫

    I’m working on so many cool projects. A huge audio project that I hired a sound engineer for, foot fetish photos galore, new videos, just everything. The world is ending. There are no rules. Let’s make erotic art.

  • Can We Bring Back the Term “Cybersex” Please? It Was Flawless.

    I used to answer FetLife messages and chat on various platforms for leisure much more frequently. (My Tumblr blog was also fun, RIP.) Most of these services became awkward cesspools and completely unthinkable to use, so you’ve seen less of me online unless you are either: In my private contacts list and have the option…

  • Sex Worker Pride Day!

    NSWP has announced the first Sex Worker Pride Day AND it happens to be today, Sept. 14th. I strongly encourage you to take this moment to support your favorite Sex Workers! Send a small (or large) tip, a gift card, or something else thoughtful. (*Not a picture of your dick.) Let them know you appreciate…

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