Elevate your pedestrian fetishes.

Welcome. I am The Psychosexual Dictator Extraordinaire, The Tenth Muse, Femalevolent Mindfucker, Soul-Stealer, Hypnotist Heartbreaker & Your Favorite Abusive-Ex-Girlfriend-For-Hire.

I have been a lifestyle pervert for one thousand years – a full millennia – and a Pro for exactly 56 hours. It has treated me well. You may remember me from such locations as “The Internet,” “Some Events,” and “A Couple Dungeons.”

I love what I do and I’ve been pushing myself to excel just as much as I’ve pushed my devotees, subs, and slaves to do the same. Equal effort, equal rewards, no?

I am a Seasoned, Unapologetic Humiliatrix. My term for this is HuMilitant.

I am a Cunt. I will be hard on you.

Also: I am a proud Sex Worker.