Rave Reviews

~Profoundly insightful and able to use that insight to her advantage and my disadvantage~

~Really good time talking with this fascinating Mistress. Just the body art, alone, seduces a male into Her web. Once there, Her mind takes over. Probing questions and insightful knowledge make a worshipper know he must learn to obey.~

~The intelligence, here, is staggering.~

~. . . it seems that the more i reveal to you the more my desire to submit grows.~

~Meeting someone of your caliber, intellect, beauty, and divine power was beyond breath taking. Your role as a natural Domina is ever so noticeable in your mannerisms one cannot help but truly believe this is something that you have embraced for years… The way you carried yourself over the phone, what you said, how you said it, was downright humbling. You recognize that the female race is superior and that a woman of your power, knows how to manipulate the confused minds of inadequate men like myself. I beg to be included in your stable, controlled by your femininity, and to worship your perfection.~

~You are stunning. Thank you for sharing your visage with us poor schlubs.~

~You already know this, but I want to tell you how impressive a woman you are. You’ve really got a talent to see through the fog and clearly identify the real issues~

~A total rock star. I recommend you try out a dozen or so dommes… and then come here, just so as you realize how exceptional she is. Not only is she totally skilled in the art of manipulation and general mind fuckery, she is charming, intelligent hilarious and will make you fall head over heels for here. It’s a dangerous game to get involved in. Many say they encourage obsession. In my opinion, she’s the only one that guarantees it~

~Wonderful experience, she took the time to find out what I liked, she is very sexxxy and one hell of a tease!~

~I’ve never met anyone on niteflirt who so completely managed to make me feel as if I was actually at her feet. I could taste them, feel the skin beneath my lips, smell them. I’m still not sure exactly how she did it. But I felt as I was in the room with her, that time had stopped still, and that there was nothing in that universe but me, her and my undying, enduring submission. She is utterly deadly~

~Mistress Yve is wonderful. She will explore you and then take you down a peg.~

~…thinking about what You said about Your tattoo of Salome…letting my mind wrap itself about Your statement about destroying a man’s self worth and replacing it with arbitrary values that You decide… and trying to not let my curiosity explore what those values might be…i’m deeply struggling against the temptation right now to just swear my absolute and eternal servitude and obedience to You.~

~Mistress Yve was simply wonderful. She knew how to draw me out and run with my fantasies. She is clearly intelligent and an experienced mistress.~

~I am in awe of Yve. Intelligent, quick witted, electrifying….she saw through me straight away and dismantled every one of my defenses. I have never been more convinced of the superior nature of the female. I was stripped to my core and every part of my soul was laid open and vulnerable for her to slice her scalpel into. She is devastating and addictive. If you’re not ready for this level of intensity I suggest you don’t call.~

~Finally, a Domina that truly enjoys what she does! Absolutely authentic and uncensored.~