Contact Information

You may email me at with questions and requests. *It is an encrypted email account, but yours probably isn’t, so be mindful. Gmail, etc. now combs through your google documents and files, in search of adult content, so I don’t suggest sending nudes or anything. (Unless you, too, wisely use an encrypted email service.)

You may call and purchase content on my Niteflirt page here.

You can follow me on Instagram (@yvedesclos) though my account is private, and you must send me a message before I accept your request. Introduce yourself politely.

You may find me on Twitter (@MistressYve) as always.

Please read this additionally, so that we may enjoy safe, sane, and discreet engagements.

Things I offer:

  • As-Needed E-Training: This is for first-timers, those who just want to get their hair blown back for an evening, and the casual consumer of FemDom encounters.
  • Virtual Slavery: This is an entire world in itself. It is the blending of everything else, a comprehensive training program, and for those who truly wish to advance and improve. This includes email correspondence, phone, cam, homework assignments, and devotion on both our parts. If you make the effort to serve, I will make the effort to train.

Q: But Ms. Yve, what happens when we speak?

A: This depends entirely on what your specific interests are, how they align with mine, and the kind of rapport we develop. Broadly speaking, I am not a fun person to speak with if you just want to splooge in three minutes without any conversational accoutrements. I’m interested in Human Sexuality pretty formally, which means I’m interested in what makes you tick. I assume, if you are contacting me, that you appreciate this interest of mine and would like to carve out a little space for yourself in my memory bank. Other than that, you can safely assume I’m going to laugh at you. It’s a humiliatrix thing. We can’t help it.

Q: How can I see you in person?

A: You may find me at any number of public and private Kink events. I will generally post my intentions to attend ahead of time. This includes both local and national functions. I do not, however, offer paid in-person training at this time. Sorry, wieners, but this is not your One-Stop Riding Crop Convenience Shop. If you have complaints, I suggest contacting your local representatives about the arbitrary laws regarding sex work.