Fetishes and Specialities

Elevate your pedestrian fetishes. Expand. Serve.
This is by no means an all-inclusive list. If you have a specific question about an interest not listed here, feel free to ask. I might even answer.
  • A-Z Slave Training- The works. A multifaceted approach to your cosmic undoing. This option is for those who want to be slaves, not just play make-believe. Come prepared and find bliss through service.
  • Hypnosis– This is a biggie. I am a Certified Hypnotist. Now, to be clear, hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, and sexological hypnosis are all different things. For you, for this, for fantasy, we are talking about Erotic Hypnosis. The other stuff is for comprehensive health care, and I do not offer it to Kink clients.
  • Foot and Body Worship  – The physical aspects of my person are undeniably desirable. I dare say irresistible. I am tall, slender, and have mile-long legs. With my vibrant red hair, elegant hands and feet, perfectly-curved hips and a complexion fit for the iconic pale beauty, Queen Elizabeth I… you will watch me with such longing that I’ll have to remind you to close your mouth. Expect to lose sleep thinking about it.
  • Tease and Denial– If I didn’t love this, I couldn’t be a FemDom.
  • Muse Worship – I am the Tenth Muse. I preside over every form of art, but most particularly the art of Domination. I am your inspiration for poetry, for thought, for tragedy, and for servitude. You may worship my image, my voice, carve my likeness from stone, build a temple in my honor, beg for my stockings, or give me offerings in the form of gifts or tribute. (Please, no slaughtered livestock.)
  • Humiliation & Degradation – A specialty of mine. I have a phenomenal sense of humor and you are my favorite joke. You don’t need self-esteem. You need me. I engage in various forms of humiliation,  public and private, and hope to hurt your feelings someday soon.
  • Financial Domination– I ❤ Pay Pigs. I know that I don’t make a big show of it, but findom can really saturate a space. I love it in the way that you love a clandestine affair. I like it quiet and risky. Some men are most vulnerable when I have them by their balls in the studio, while others are most vulnerable when I have them by the wallet.  I make men bow down in the physical world, as well as the digital, and I want you on your knees. If you view money as a tool for erotic manipulation, then you will find I embrace it similarly. I have more than a little experience with financial play, ranging from light to extreme, and while I relish the sadistic aspects, I also respect the sensitive nature. Sort of.
  • Blackmail & Information Play –  Whether this perverse pleasure coincides with another or not, I always love to play. It’s a beautiful form of leverage. It’s also a fun puzzle for me! I can’t promise I’ll be fair, but I do promise to be fun.
  • Medical Play & Plaster Casting – Do you want to be restrained and prodded? Experimented on? Examined? Or perhaps you love the idea of a Champagne Enema? Medical play is something I greatly enjoy. Urethral sounding, plaster casting, cupping, back alley dental extractions, and a variety of other things, are all activities I will happily donate your body to science for.
  • Cell-Popping & Temporary Scarification/Branding – I understand that it might be difficult to commit to a permanent branding, but doesn’t the idea still turn you on? I assume so. Cell-Popping is an erotic, ritualistic, artful form of temporary branding. Depending on how you, personally, heal (for example, I have very sensitive skin, so marks take a while to fade,) this form of body art can last for 2 weeks to 2 months. Are you brave enough? Do you want a gorgeous badge of honor? A beautiful design? I am more than happy to help. As a fan of body art, it is not only something I enjoy doing to others, but I have also adorned myself.
  • Forced Intox – Regrettably, I am prohibited from giving you hallucinogens and ecstasy, but I am willing to bet you have a half-empty liquor bottle and some weed laying around. Help me help you try to forget how lonely you are. Let go. Lose control. I will make sure you have a night you can’t remember.
  • Forced Masturbation – Do you know that all men do this differently? You freaks have so many weird methods for tugging at that thing. (Maybe I’m going to start keeping an official log?) Don’t worry, I can train you to improve. Beg me to let you do the one thing you thought you had control over.
  • Full Body Control (Beyond Cock Control)– There is no reason to think that your distant, unimpressive, yawn of a cock is my only interest. Do I find cock ownership and control fascinating and powerful? Of course, I love it,  but I want the rest of you under my boot just as much. If I tell you to jump, you will ask how high. Whether it be Instructed Anal Training or a simple game of Simon Says, you will do what I command. You are the court jester and I am a heartless tyrant. Welcome to my Queendom.
  • Bodily Abuse Instruction – An extension of Full Body Control, this is specifically for pain-enthusiasts and those interested in extreme self-sacrifice and discipline. If I tell you to pinch your nipples until they bleed, you will. If I tell you to drop a dictionary onto your balls, you will. (CBT-lovers are my fav!) If I tell you to stretch your body to fit the biggest anal plug on the market, you will. Every ounce of pain you experience is an act of devotion, a testament to me. You will never get closer to heaven than when you are begging me to guide your self-flagellation.
  • Feminization– I will choose your panties, your shoes, your make-up and your worth. You will learn how to curtsy or catwalk, as I see fit. I have a long list of resources for Sissies and Cross-Dressers to learn how to properly apply their make-up and style their hair, and I expect you to practice and show me your improvement and progression. Your perceived masculinity is useless. Leave it at the door.
  • Psychological Domination –  I am deliciously manipulative. I am no stranger to psychology or sexology (just ask my student loans) and I have no problem using my knowledge against you. You can be my little Pavlovian puppy. I will occupy every level of your hierarchy of needs and I strongly encourage your addiction to serving. I am The Psychosexual Dictator Extraordinaire, after all.
  • The Finer Things– I am prone to spontaneous bursts of Luxury Kink. Can you please me well enough that I pop a bottle of champagne?
Q:Would you like to know which fetishes I have outside of the expected BDSM-related areas?
A:Of course you would.
Fetishes I have:
Partialism – There are two specific non-genital body parts that I have beauty standards for in partners. Either to admire and enjoy, or pretty directly fuck the daylights out of.
Autoandrophilia – Arousal by a biological female imagining herself as a male. (Duh, of course, I think we all knew I had this one.) Genderfucking is a favorite game. You aren’t the only one who gets to play.
Stigmatophilia – Body Piercings and tattoos. (Yet again, I think we all knew I had that one.)
Androidism – The attraction to robots! I blame Data, personally. He was hot. Some time ago, if you recall, I also found this comic, that I deeply love: Chester 5000
Katoptronophilia – The desire to watch yourself (with or without partners) engage in erotic or sexual activities in front of mirrors. You have no idea how many vintage and antique mirrors I own…
Dacryphilia – Crying! Specifically, watching others cry. I’m pretty into this, but it’s situational, and depends on how hard someone is crying. This has actually gotten more extreme with time – I’m really, really into men whimpering and tearing-up over their desperation and heartbreak. Like, please fucking cry for me.
Paraphilias I’m on the fence about:
Agalmatophilia – The attraction to classical sculpture. Hm. Okay. I don’t have this, but I want it. It’s like the classiest paraphilia I’ve ever heard of. It’s pretty close to Androidism, sort of, so I’m hoping I can trick myself to get into this.
Spectrophilia – Sex with otherwordly beings. Yet again, I don’t really have this completely. I want to though. You know that scene in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where Winona Ryder is in bed and Dracula, in the form of green mist, creeps over her and she orgasms? That’s so fucking hot I can’t stand it. I need to learn to get into this.
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