Under Deconstruction: The Fall and Revival


In light of the recent changes to federal law (SESTA/FOSTA) and how I may or may not communicate with you online, you will find that my site is being heavily edited for content and clarity. You will also find, as a consumer, that your media experiences with any adult service provider in the United States, will change. Be forgiving if your provider suddenly vanishes from an account – we are being banned from things left and right for noncompliance with the new laws. Most providers don’t even know about these changes, because the minutiae of federal law isn’t something people integrate into their daily reading.

For our purposes here, do know that I do not, nor have I ever, offered illegal services. I do believe that sex work of all kinds should be decriminalized, but I am a person with a life I don’t intend on endangering. We are law abiding here, you and I.

As of right now, that means the following: 

  • You may not engage in the sharing of explicit adult content, or contact with me about explicit adult content, on any unregulated third-party platform, such as Skype or Instagram.
  • You may engage with me about explicit adult content through adult sites that are already regulated for safety, such as Niteflirt. (See my contact page for more options.) You may email me for details, but I am not allowed to post direct links to adult sites on wordpress at this time.
  • You may email me at yvedesclos@protonmail.com with questions or requests. That is an encrypted email account.
  • If you have questions about how SESTA/FOSTA affects *you* as a consumer, you may feel free to email and ask. And believe me, it affects you. You can also just google it.
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