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  • Sex Working Out

    Mia explained to me that cam models just stream their home workouts on MyFreeCams and people love it. Where was this when I was still camming eight hours a day? God. I’m interested in that platform in some ways, but I can’t be “Yve” there because they claim ownership of whatever character and brand you…

  • Accepting Applications for Porn Slave

    Because I’m not a selfish monster, I pay for the pornography I consume. I’m sitting here asking myself why someone else isn’t? I want a porn slave. I want you to pay other sex workers, that you do not have the privilege of engaging with, for me. In return, you may have custom, unedited, one…

  • Pedicures Are Very Time-Consuming.

    #WIP – but for real, you have to chill out for like three hours before you can put on shoes. (It’s winter, flip flops are not an option.)

  • Symbolic Ball Crushing Clip

    Suspend your disbelief, come with me through another strange, avant garde fetish production. I know you’re sad we cannot be together, but some lonely night, you can pretend these are your nuts, and we will make magic in all your dreams.  

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