Can We Bring Back the Term “Cybersex” Please? It Was Flawless.

I used to answer FetLife messages and chat on various platforms for leisure much more frequently. (My Tumblr blog was also fun, RIP.) Most of these services became awkward cesspools and completely unthinkable to use, so you’ve seen less of me online unless you are either:

  1. In my private contacts list and have the option to text me directly, which is not a free service, but is a highly-intimate one that I almost never invite anyone to, or,
  2. Happen to be on Niteflirt in the scattered windows that I sign-in to take calls.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Scratch that, it’s not me, it’s our repulsive culture that both exploits and shadowbans sex workers who dare to use social media.

But let’s see what I can get banned from again, yeah?

I opened a Twitch channel. (WHAT DO I DO ON THERE?)

I have Twitter (the Mecca of online sex worker networks)

I have Instagram (a private account but you are welcome to request an add, but be warned it is political in nature much of the time because we care about sex workers’ rights in this Queendom very much.)

I have Fetlife still, but I very rarely check my inbox because it is a river of shit for the most part.

Mostly, I want to give you more options for connecting with me, that I don’t hate, and if something slips through the cracks – tell me. I get a lot of emails and I am not, brace yourself, only The Psychosexual Dictator.

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