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  • (Sub)stack

    Click to learn where to find my audio, as we march forth into your broken heart.

  • Contact Updates

    Lmao honestly. Every inbox I have has been locked because of course. I have spent 48 hours fixing all this. *** Update it was like four days in the end and I lost a ton of emails, so if you emailed me and I didn’t reply, just send the email again. yvedesclos@pm.me (or yvedesclos@protonmail.com but…

  • Jordan Gets His Own Post

    My strong suspicion is that this slideshow will grow.

  • The Erotic Regression of Technology

    With the evolution of physical workspaces into the digital realm (along with everything else,) I find myself longing for physical media – physicality in general, perhaps. Everything feels ephemeral, even if the internet is forever. And thus, I present to you, a preview of the time machine I am building out of tragic, unrequited love…

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