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  • Tired of digital love?

    I will be posting a longer piece about this on Substack, because there exists a correlation between your preferences and global events, which is creating a ripple effect. Point being: This summer Mia and I will be starting regular trips to Pittsburgh, whereupon we will rent a hotel suite together, to dine and lounge and…

  • I don’t advise watching this but?

    I’d congratulate him on tantric mastery if it weren’t for literally every single other thing. (Video editing obviously done by Yours Truly)

  • A meme for my pleasure

    Just laughing myself silly about this. If you don’t love it, you’re wrong!

  • International Sex Workers’ Rights Day

    A mutual aid network I have worked with and admire is Lysistrata. SWOP Behind Bars is a crucial support organization for Sex Workers who have been incarcerated. To support Asian and Migrant Sex Workers, I suggest Red Canary Song. The African Sex Worker Alliance ASWA is doing great work to center the voices of sex…

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