Halloween & Birthday Wishes

  1. Stop watching clip sites. This is sort of like wishing for world peace, but still. Support your personal, beloved cam girls and independent content creators, instead. Watching porn is becoming a patron of the arts. Don’t treat us poorly by not valuing our labor.
  2. Cash
  3. Most of the time I just want to find great antiques deep in the belly of the midwest, or the rabbit hole that is Etsy. I don’t really love the mall.
  4. Gift cards to DSTLD
  5. Gift cards in general or wish list items here.
  6. Be a great fan. Just try to be awesome. Buy some media, give a call, text me on Collide and wish me a happy birthday or subscribe, say nice things on Instagram in the comments, be a gentleman.

Naturally, my birthday is October 31st. Happy Halloween, and as always, I will be the one dressed as a god.


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