The Evolution of The Hypnodomme

As you probably know (if you’ve been a fan,) hypnosis is something I am certified in. It was a required part of my education as a Sexologist, and since, I’ve happily weaponized it to sexually threaten you.

I mostly work on custom material, so you kids don’t ingest a lot of what I create because it’s not publicly available.

That said, I’m currently experimenting with some things. All performance artists and content creators develop and refine their art over time. I’m exploring what non-standard recordings I can get away with, that are fun for me to make.

The market, you may have noticed, has become saturated with a lot of derivative, aggressively un-fun,  bullshit. What used to be bizarre fodder for obsession, is now watered-down and repetitive. I am bored of *making* it. And because I only do the things I like, that means you must come on a journey with me to engineer the next stage of evolution for our shared interest.

hypno eye

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