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February 12

Winter Wickedness 2014 Recap: Popping cherries, breaking hearts.

What a whirlwind. Holy Fuck.  Night #1: I represented my teenage self, dawning all 90’s gear for the “Decades of Decadence” theme. I received compliments on my extreme detail, which was great, because all I did was dress exactly how I dressed for all of high school. Good for me!  The Fems United (F.U.C.K.) meeting […]

February 08

Winter Wickedness, Day One

Everyone looked amazing. It’s too much to enjoy all at once. Chatting and voyeurism and scene-planning… heaven. After some hilarious ice-breaking, Lina and I took a little time out to end our evening with a totally delightful trampling scene. We. Loved. It. We also made him take a picture of us while he was on […]

December 12

Winter Wickedness Prep

I finished ordering most everything for me and my Companion Cube. It’s looking fucking excellent, you guys. Just goddamn excellent. If you try to touch her at Winter Wickedness, I will cut off your fucking hands. If you try to touch me, I will break your jaw. If you are invited to touch either of […]