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October 08

Another Successful Sex Ed & Coaching Moment

  It feels really, really good to make someone feel better about themselves, and come up with a solid plan for growth. It truly does. So much information about our sexuality is totally hidden from us. Even enlightened, adventurous (and kinky!) people can have huge complexes, problems, and worries about their sexuality – and so […]

November 25

Hate Speech vs. Kink Speech, The Taboo, and Yours Truly

I should clarify some things here. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but a peer I respect and enjoy recently questioned my use of a term, (which makes total sense and I appreciate knowing she’s out in the world making noise,) which means I am at the 11th hour of explaining this […]

May 04

Ms. Yve, Doctor of Fucking in 3… 2…1…

Hello Everyone! I bet you fucking missed me. Hard. But fear not! After a great many complications, and strange adventures, I am reopening the Pandora’s Box of my internet existence. There are a million updates I could give you, truly. Here is the most important: I have been having fun. So much fun. Ridiculously obscene, […]