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November 03

But srsly, this photo…

Miss Lina and I had a pretty great night together. You are welcome for the first (actually) stylish image of a catsuit you’ve seen in four hundred years. And don’t worry, there is more where this came from.

October 23

Autumn Hipster Domme

Fall is for falling in love (with me.) …I’m in hate with you, to be clear. Remember back when I was a Baby Domme and I would politely cater to the occasional wardrobe request during cam calls? I was so cute. It’s getting cold, nerds, so all my warm, cuddly gear is crawling out of […]

August 27

This Is My Love Letter To You

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if YOU were the crushy boy I took this for? And if you know you are not he, don’t you wish you were?

July 21

You Wanna See Me In Stockings?…

Alright, you fucking idiots – if you want to see me in endless stockings, you better be sending me endless stockings. You know them shits is temporary, right? One pair lasts like ten seconds in fetish shoes, and you probably have some really specific thing in mind, like “reinforced toe, back seam, in nude” or […]

July 20

Ivory Photoset

I will be offering more as I get them edited – but feel free to scoot over to The Treasure Chest and collect all the amazing shots from this photo set. (Legs, feet, stockings, strap-on, everything beautiful and breathtaking!)

July 18

Call to Cry, Cry to Cum. (In That Order)

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, my life continues to be perfect and luxurious, and to celebrate I’m kicking my feet up, waiting for you to call and make me laugh. It’s easy, all you do is call me HERE and then, you know, be your usual sad-sack-of-shit self, and I will giggle myself silly.   […]

July 15

Book Review: Sex Criminals

Oh man! Ohmanohmanohman! As you may suspect, I bought this the second I laid eyes on it without hesitation. Turns out, this was an okay decision! I’m not totally sure that I 100% agree with the presentation of all the subjects BUT it touches on the following: 1. Our lack of sex education and limited […]