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November 03

But srsly, this photo…

Miss Lina and I had a pretty great night together. You are welcome for the first (actually) stylish image of a catsuit you’ve seen in four hundred years. And don’t worry, there is more where this came from.

July 12

At Long Last, Our Retro-Kitsch Lesbian Photoshoot!

I will hoist the whole set up for sale ASAP, but I wanted to give you guys a small taste. We (you may notice Miss Lina bottoming for me below) did this back in colder months, with our favorite photographer, and it’s finally been edited to perfection and is ready to roll! I am elated. […]

April 04

Moving Status: Complete

While I am living in a strange, compact city of cardboard skyscrapers and box-lined walkways, I am 100% out of my old place and 100% into my new place. Everything needs painted, and this desk I’m using is only about 90% assembled, but fuck it, at this point I’m really just refining my successful transition. […]