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November 11

Goddess Worship Is For Plebs

Can you please not use boring, overdone titles for me, dudes? Just fucking don’t. I’m not a fucking Goddess, okay? I am not fictional. This is not make-believe about magic beings who live in the sky. And I’m not a goofy fucking teenage Pagan who wears shitty pentagram necklaces. God is dead and I have […]

August 07

How I Got So Incredibly Dirty

I get this question a lot, in various forms. “When did you discover you liked kink?” “How did you know you were kinky?” “How long have you known you were a Domme?” The answer is less sexy and more vague than you would like, Dear Reader. Sorry. In a nutshell, I was just lucky as […]

May 17

What’s In A Name?

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose… (Do you know which famous poem I’m making fun of here? Gold star if you do!) I was recently asked (again) why I chose this Nomme de Plume, my beautiful alias, Mistress Yve Desclos. I will address this in order. “Mistress” I like this […]