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October 09

Thine Inbox Overflows With Desire

Intense, right? I have great boytoys.

September 17

More Mystery Gifts!

When I say “mystery” I mean “I know who sent this to me, but I didn’t know what was in the box.” Granted, I’ve left several clues around my website, but this gentlemanslut correctly (if not skillfully) deduced that I love me some Lewis Carroll. Glorified soap dish (see this post) it may be, but […]

September 10

Just leave it on my altar…

Gift #1: New stockings! My collection is inching ever closer to perfect. Gift #2: Subscriptions to awesome magazines! Feminist lit and design. Gift #3: Apron for tea service role play! Gift #4: Supplies for using my antique barber chair! More updates about this soon.