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June 12

All Things Divine

We are long overdue for some updates here, yowza! 1. Within a couple days, you should be able to contact me directly to hear me make fun of your dick! You’re welcome in advance. 2. The Dominatrix Wonderland Palace is in full swing! I have taken over a residence, with Miss Lina living on the […]

February 27

*Everyone* wants to be in my backseat.

Per usual, I am swamped with all things unholy. Right now, the back seat of my car is covered in books about sex work, and the trunk is full of boxes of sex toys and bizarre antiques. Of course. Like, of course. To wet your whistle, I took this the other day with my tripod: […]

January 12

Domestic Service Position!

(This has been cross-posted to Fetlife.) Hello, All! In the near future, I will be moving to another home in the Columbus area. I have loved, very much, my old Victorian haunted house and beautiful street, but the landlord here is a fucking lunatic and I’m a little over paying him for the privilege of […]