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August 16

Dear Ms. Yve, Why Do You Buy Weird Things?

I get asked this a lot. I’m not saying I’m not a mad scientist, but I will say that I am more than just a mad scientist. The short answer: Because I have better taste than you. I don’t buy things unless they are exactly what I want. Knock-offs and sort-of-similar items don’t interest me […]

August 16

I Have (By Far) The Best Fetish Furniture, Part 3

I ordered this antique medical tray table to match my antique medical everything else. Functional and rare!   (Sorry the picture is shitty, I didn’t take it.)

August 16

I Have (By Far) the Best Fetish Furniture, Part 2

As you can see from my recent post, (which we will call Part 1,) I have added an antique exam table (with stirrups!) to my home collection. TODAY I also obtained an antique mortician’s cooling table!   It is functional, can hold considerable weight, and is portable! I am gonna tie all the people to […]