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October 29

And now… for an important gruesome update… Zombie Yve Pic!

Taken months ago, and saved for this Halloween… a super frightening picture of Zombie Yve cramming Zombie Lina Rousseau’s face in her cunt.

August 07

Horny Slut Hotline, This Is Peppermint Speaking

Miss Lina and I have been having fun tonight in my bed.

July 12

At Long Last, Our Retro-Kitsch Lesbian Photoshoot!

I will hoist the whole set up for sale ASAP, but I wanted to give you guys a small taste. We (you may notice Miss Lina bottoming for me below) did this back in colder months, with our favorite photographer, and it’s finally been edited to perfection and is ready to roll! I am elated. […]

February 12

Winter Wickedness 2014 Recap: Popping cherries, breaking hearts.

What a whirlwind. Holy Fuck.  Night #1: I represented my teenage self, dawning all 90’s gear for the “Decades of Decadence” theme. I received compliments on my extreme detail, which was great, because all I did was dress exactly how I dressed for all of high school. Good for me!  The Fems United (F.U.C.K.) meeting […]

February 07

Get Ready – New Photo Shoot En Route!

Where have I been, you ask? Mostly on my phone, because my desktop broke briefly and needed repairs. Bummer all around. But. I have been busy. Aside from my ongoing efforts to move, I took a weekend off the daily grind to enjoy a lengthy, wonderful photoshoot – with the lovely Miss Lina Rousseau… Now, […]