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September 29

C.O.P.E. 2014

Per usual, a great event – duh. I was super tired, so I didn’t go to as many things as I usually do, but it was fabulous nonetheless. I was excited to see so many new people! It seems that our local events are gaining in popularity – over 500 people attended! And I am […]

September 18

Stop, Drop, and Drool (aka Casual Dominatrix Drill)

  Casual Domme Day Outfits are worth admiration, no? I feel like I look great when I’m being fucking lazy.   My Day: Spent the evening laughing and clutching Miss Lina’s foot too keep from falling off the sofa in fits of giggling. Also put in a little Sex Worker Solidarity Time with Miss Mia […]

August 07

Horny Slut Hotline, This Is Peppermint Speaking

Miss Lina and I have been having fun tonight in my bed.

July 12

At Long Last, Our Retro-Kitsch Lesbian Photoshoot!

I will hoist the whole set up for sale ASAP, but I wanted to give you guys a small taste. We (you may notice Miss Lina bottoming for me below) did this back in colder months, with our favorite photographer, and it’s finally been edited to perfection and is ready to roll! I am elated. […]

April 04

Moving Status: Complete

While I am living in a strange, compact city of cardboard skyscrapers and box-lined walkways, I am 100% out of my old place and 100% into my new place. Everything needs painted, and this desk I’m using is only about 90% assembled, but fuck it, at this point I’m really just refining my successful transition. […]

February 08

Winter Wickedness, Day One

Everyone looked amazing. It’s too much to enjoy all at once. Chatting and voyeurism and scene-planning… heaven. After some hilarious ice-breaking, Lina and I took a little time out to end our evening with a totally delightful trampling scene. We. Loved. It. We also made him take a picture of us while he was on […]