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June 08

The Tale of The Overqualified Dominatrix

As you know, I am an Internationally Certified Sex Educator. You also know that I am Certified Hypnotist, specializing in Sexuality. This week, after waves and waves of “Please blackmail me” emails, I’ve decided to add to my ridiculous list of qualifications, because really, why not? For some time, my standard go-to in heavy blackmail […]

November 04


Guys, get ready. Get excited, in fact. I’ve spent all night (all. fucking. night.) working on recordings. (I also ordered some new audio gear!) Here’s the thing: The usual hypno-mp3 thing is great, but it’s not fun for me, personally, to produce. I prefer live interaction, given the choice, to standard mp3 production. However. I […]

August 29

Expedited Erotic Hypnosis, The Modern Man’s Fantasy

Things have been interesting lately. My hypnosis skills are being put to the test left and right – and I am happy to report that all reviews are stellar. This excellent feedback is coming in the form of moans, cries, total disorientation upon waking from trance, and of course the actual written feedback on my […]

August 30

On Hypnotism, Hypnofetishes, Brainwashing, Mindfucking, and Yours Truly

Let’s consider this post a primer, assume that there is much more to know, and that right now, we don’t want to read a novel. This is meant to serve as a general reference. For a more detailed rundown of my Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training specifically, please see this post. HYPNOTISM is a well-known, […]

August 30

Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training by Ms. Yve, The Supreme Brainwashing Queen

How’s this for an opener: I will give you $5 if you can find a single Domme in the world who is more qualified than I am to brainwash you. Here is the short list of why I am so extremely, supremely, dreamy as a HypnoDomme: I study human sexuality formally. I am certified in […]

May 04

Ms. Yve, Doctor of Fucking in 3… 2…1…

Hello Everyone! I bet you fucking missed me. Hard. But fear not! After a great many complications, and strange adventures, I am reopening the Pandora’s Box of my internet existence. There are a million updates I could give you, truly. Here is the most important: I have been having fun. So much fun. Ridiculously obscene, […]