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October 08

Another Successful Sex Ed & Coaching Moment

  It feels really, really good to make someone feel better about themselves, and come up with a solid plan for growth. It truly does. So much information about our sexuality is totally hidden from us. Even enlightened, adventurous (and kinky!) people can have huge complexes, problems, and worries about their sexuality – and so […]

June 12

All Things Divine

We are long overdue for some updates here, yowza! 1. Within a couple days, you should be able to contact me directly to hear me make fun of your dick! You’re welcome in advance. 2. The Dominatrix Wonderland Palace is in full swing! I have taken over a residence, with Miss Lina living on the […]

October 31

Book Review: Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf (A Sex Ed Comic Book)

Firstly, you can buy the book here: (Click!) I picked this up for several reasons; Because it’s a sex ed book and I like knowing what’s out there, because I like graphic novels, because it is a collaborative effort and anthology of different perspectives, and because I’m always looking for resources to pass along. My […]

September 05

A Quick Reference to My Interest In Otherkin, Furry, Brony, and Other Animal-Based Subcultures

This is here for those who are curious about what my angle is when I do shout-outs to the internet about my research. I am pursuing a graduate degree in human sexuality. The atmosphere where I study is very, very permissive and not interested in pathologizing behaviors or people. The interest is in understanding, exploration, […]

May 04

Ms. Yve, Doctor of Fucking in 3… 2…1…

Hello Everyone! I bet you fucking missed me. Hard. But fear not! After a great many complications, and strange adventures, I am reopening the Pandora’s Box of my internet existence. There are a million updates I could give you, truly. Here is the most important: I have been having fun. So much fun. Ridiculously obscene, […]