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November 25

Holiday Gifts (Gimmegimmegimme!)

You want to get me something I will really like? Prepay for my ink here. Or my salon trips here. Call, prepay for whatever you want to gift me, and just tell them my name. They will apply a credit or make a gift card I can pick up. My Amazon wishlist is available, but […]

December 22

Support The Ohio Wildlife Center = Gratis Snapchat Pix of Yours Truly

This owl can love you with a great intensity. Look at it. It totally could. BUT HOW? Alright perverts, this year I am supporting the Ohio Wildlife Center as my charity of choice. You can pay a specific amount (see link) and adopt an animal in need. If you do it in my name, and […]

December 15

Erotica Zine – Holiday Edition!

My Favorite Aspiring Prostitute and (Yours Truly) put together our annual holiday zine, filled with terrible, terrible erotica! And this year, we have decided to share it with anyone who would like a copy.¬† Last year (back issue #1) was a mix of written and illustrated content, some ours, some collected from other people. This […]