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November 25

Holiday Gifts (Gimmegimmegimme!)

You want to get me something I will really like? Prepay for my ink here. Or my salon trips here. Call, prepay for whatever you want to gift me, and just tell them my name. They will apply a credit or make a gift card I can pick up. My Amazon wishlist is available, but […]

September 18


I’m so fucking excited about this it’s unreal – and so is everyone else! I’ve had three requests so far from close (sexy) friends – and obviously I will be shaving my legs this way. Time to do all my homework and get practicing! I’m also excited about this because, let’s be honest, this is […]

September 17

Luxury Gifts Galore

And further yet into my insanely privileged life as a sex worker: Excellent, gorgeous, designer candles – which are things I super love:  

September 17

More Mystery Gifts!

When I say “mystery” I mean “I know who sent this to me, but I didn’t know what was in the box.” Granted, I’ve left several clues around my website, but this gentlemanslut correctly (if not skillfully) deduced that I love me some Lewis Carroll. Glorified soap dish (see this post) it may be, but […]

September 10

Just leave it on my altar…

Gift #1: New stockings! My collection is inching ever closer to perfect. Gift #2: Subscriptions to awesome magazines! Feminist lit and design. Gift #3: Apron for tea service role play! Gift #4: Supplies for using my antique barber chair! More updates about this soon.

September 09

Mysterious Packages

      I’m actually really excited about this. Creative surprises are such good signs of obsession! I’m going to use these exclusively for washing cum off my hands.

August 27

This Is My Love Letter To You

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if YOU were the crushy boy I took this for? And if you know you are not he, don’t you wish you were?