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October 18

Lumberjack Woodsman Murder-Domme

My longtime favorite role-play and outfit theme has been uncovered and photographed. Teasers below.

February 07

Get Ready – New Photo Shoot En Route!

Where have I been, you ask? Mostly on my phone, because my desktop broke briefly and needed repairs. Bummer all around. But. I have been busy. Aside from my ongoing efforts to move, I took a weekend off the daily grind to enjoy a lengthy, wonderful photoshoot – with the lovely Miss Lina Rousseau… Now, […]

November 24

For Muh Animal Players!

I run across some great images occasionally.  

September 21

C.O.P.E. 2013 Follow-Up

If I met you there, congratulations. I looked pretty great. I bet it was awesome for you. (Especially if you are someone who got spanked.) If I didn’t meet you there, what the fuck? Where were you? COPE was fantastic. The organizers and those who volunteered were (and remain) incredible people and we should all […]

September 08

Poll for Hand Fetishists!

As you may know, I have super fabulous natural nails. Always have. I like making them fancy just as much as I like showing them off bare and beautiful. BUT! I’m not fucking blind, so I’m seeing this insane, insane amount of synthetic nail art all over the internet and I’m curious; Are these elaborate […]

August 30

On Hypnotism, Hypnofetishes, Brainwashing, Mindfucking, and Yours Truly

Let’s consider this post a primer, assume that there is much more to know, and that right now, we don’t want to read a novel. This is meant to serve as a general reference. For a more detailed rundown of my Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training specifically, please see this post. HYPNOTISM is a well-known, […]

August 30

Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training by Ms. Yve, The Supreme Brainwashing Queen

How’s this for an opener: I will give you $5 if you can find a single Domme in the world who is more qualified than I am to brainwash you. Here is the short list of why I am so extremely, supremely, dreamy as a HypnoDomme: I study human sexuality formally. I am certified in […]