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January 19

I Don’t Want You to Spoil Me

… because you have terrible taste and it’s a god-awful burden to open these ugly presents. I know, I know. Young ladies like gifts and it’s very impressive when you buy them things. I understand I’m breaking the rules here. But. I don’t need your money, because I already used your fucking money to start […]

October 19

On Dating Men:

Oh look. My relationship with every man on earth. But I mean, I like it this way, you know? I love knowing you’re wanting it so hard you’re ready to cry, meanwhile I’m busy daydreaming about everything I do when I don’t have to look at you. Perfect, soul-crushing longing and rejection. But Ms. Yve, […]

October 18

Luxe Bath Time w/ Miss Mia Parker

More pix later, but for now, this is what Miss Mia Parker and I did all evening. After working hard at photo shoots, we wanted to unwind. LUSH bath bombs (I like “sex bomb” fyi, please buy them for me), wine, fabulous hair and makeup, and, you know, sex.  

October 09

Thine Inbox Overflows With Desire

Intense, right? I have great boytoys.

August 27

This Is My Love Letter To You

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if YOU were the crushy boy I took this for? And if you know you are not he, don’t you wish you were?

August 17

New Photo Packs Available! Ass, Feet, & The Midas Dick!

Here are some teasers! (Link to this last one coming soon)  

May 05


I bought a shirt with this print on it. PICTURES TO COME! (Okay, to be fair, I made a boy buy it.)