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September 29

C.O.P.E. 2014

Per usual, a great event – duh. I was super tired, so I didn’t go to as many things as I usually do, but it was fabulous nonetheless. I was excited to see so many new people! It seems that our local events are gaining in popularity – over 500 people attended! And I am […]

April 04

Moving Status: Complete

While I am living in a strange, compact city of cardboard skyscrapers and box-lined walkways, I am 100% out of my old place and 100% into my new place. Everything needs painted, and this desk I’m using is only about 90% assembled, but fuck it, at this point I’m really just refining my successful transition. […]

February 12

Winter Wickedness 2014 Recap: Popping cherries, breaking hearts.

What a whirlwind. Holy Fuck.  Night #1: I represented my teenage self, dawning all 90’s gear for the “Decades of Decadence” theme. I received compliments on my extreme detail, which was great, because all I did was dress exactly how I dressed for all of high school. Good for me!  The Fems United (F.U.C.K.) meeting […]

February 08

Winter Wickedness, Day One

Everyone looked amazing. It’s too much to enjoy all at once. Chatting and voyeurism and scene-planning… heaven. After some hilarious ice-breaking, Lina and I took a little time out to end our evening with a totally delightful trampling scene. We. Loved. It. We also made him take a picture of us while he was on […]

December 12

Winter Wickedness Prep

I finished ordering most everything for me and my Companion Cube. It’s looking fucking excellent, you guys. Just goddamn excellent. If you try to touch her at Winter Wickedness, I will cut off your fucking hands. If you try to touch me, I will break your jaw. If you are invited to touch either of […]

September 21

Sex Worker Rights and Sex Workers Wronged

I’m going to try and not throw my computer out the window in a fit of unmitigated rage at this. Ugggh.  The NWC 2013 is, at present, being protested by every fucking sex worker who knows about it. Why? Because they are inside, discussing women’s issues, and sex work, and have refused the participation of sex […]

September 21

C.O.P.E. 2013 Follow-Up

If I met you there, congratulations. I looked pretty great. I bet it was awesome for you. (Especially if you are someone who got spanked.) If I didn’t meet you there, what the fuck? Where were you? COPE was fantastic. The organizers and those who volunteered were (and remain) incredible people and we should all […]