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September 29

DOMESTIC SERVICE POSITION (Previous applicants welcome to reapply !)

Well, guys – here we are again. My last search for a domestic slave was (eventually) fruitful, but this wealth of free labor was short-lived. (Scheduling conflicts arose unexpectedly.) I need a replacement slave! I’m going to rattle off some random important points for service, and please read them before applying: Do you know how […]

June 12

All Things Divine

We are long overdue for some updates here, yowza! 1. Within a couple days, you should be able to contact me directly to hear me make fun of your dick! You’re welcome in advance. 2. The Dominatrix Wonderland Palace is in full swing! I have taken over a residence, with Miss Lina living on the […]

April 04

Moving Status: Complete

While I am living in a strange, compact city of cardboard skyscrapers and box-lined walkways, I am 100% out of my old place and 100% into my new place. Everything needs painted, and this desk I’m using is only about 90% assembled, but fuck it, at this point I’m really just refining my successful transition. […]

January 12

Domestic Service Position!

(This has been cross-posted to Fetlife.) Hello, All! In the near future, I will be moving to another home in the Columbus area. I have loved, very much, my old Victorian haunted house and beautiful street, but the landlord here is a fucking lunatic and I’m a little over paying him for the privilege of […]

May 05

Domesticity Is A Privilege, Not A Right

Domestic Servitude is so fucking complicated if you’re on the hiring end. No, I don’t want you to just wear a French maid outfit around my house and beg to be spanked. No, I don’t want to tie you up and force your head into the toilet to lick it clean. No, this is not […]