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February 12

Winter Wickedness 2014 Recap: Popping cherries, breaking hearts.

What a whirlwind. Holy Fuck.  Night #1: I represented my teenage self, dawning all 90’s gear for the “Decades of Decadence” theme. I received compliments on my extreme detail, which was great, because all I did was dress exactly how I dressed for all of high school. Good for me!  The Fems United (F.U.C.K.) meeting […]

May 06

Ways to use stilettos, Part One…

I found this somewhere, I don’t remember where, but it wasn’t credited and that made me really sad – because I think this is such a great shot and it makes me laugh -so hard- DO YOU GET IT? THOSE ARE WIENERS! IT IS SUGGESTIVE! ABOUT WIENERS! hahahaha I want to marry her.