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I see that you’ve chosen to go down the rabbit hole . What an adventurous young gentleman you’ve turned out to be!

(To procure downloadable content, including but not limited to Homework Assignments, Photo Packs, Clips, and Tribute Options, click HERE. Or visit The Treasure Chest page on this website.)

Here are the finer points of how and when you can speak with me (links below):

Phone: You may set-up, in advance, an appointment to speak with me by phone. You may also check my Twitter account for sudden-yet-valuable bonus availability hours, during which you are free to call. If you spot me as being presently available on sites like Niteflirt, you know what to do.

Cam: Much the same rules apply as for the phone. I will note here that I do not, under any circumstances, offer nudity. If you want to see tits, you have the whole of the internet available to you.

Chat: This is a given part of cam sessions, of course, but if you are interested solely in chat, you may set-up an appointment with me directly via email.

My email address:

Things I offer:

  • As-Needed E-Training: This is for first-timers, those who just want to get their hair blown back for an evening, and the casual consumer of FemDom encounters.
  • Virtual Slavery: This is an entire world in itself. It is the blending of everything else, a comprehensive training program, and for those who truly wish to advance and improve. This includes email correspondence, phone, cam, homework assignments, and devotion on both our parts. If you make the effort to serve, I will make the effort to train.

Q: But Ms. Yve, what happens when we speak?

A: This depends entirely on what your specific interests are, how they align with mine, and the kind of rapport we develop. Broadly speaking, I am not a fun person to speak with if you just want to splooge in three minutes without any conversational accoutrements. I’m interested in Human Sexuality pretty formally, which means I’m interested in what makes you tick. I assume, if you are contacting me, that you appreciate this interest of mine and would like to carve out a little space for yourself in my memory bank. Other than that, you can safely assume I’m going to laugh at you. It’s a humiliatrix thing. We can’t help it.

Q: How can I see you in person?

A: You may find me at any number of public and private Kink events. I will generally post my intentions to attend ahead of time. This includes both local and national functions. As for paid, real-time, in-person Domination, you may check to see if I am offering appointments during larger events or find me at a play party. I do not, at this time, offer regular RT sessions. I’ve done a lot of it in the past, as you may know, but right now I am not in a place where I can live and breathe daily appointments. Sorry, wieners, but this is not your One-Stop Riding Crop Convenience Shop.

Q: Why can’t I just have all of your contact information right now because I want it?

A: Because too many dudes named “Bob” blow my chat programs the fuck up, 24/7, the second they are given the chance to. I understand that you may be a sane and lovely person, I do, but there are a plethora of assholes out there for every decent sub. They love to steal credit cards and make fraudulent transactions at 2am. They love to go fucking crazy and send a bunch of hate mail when I won’t have free conversation with them for eight hours. This problem is easily, almost completely, remedied by asking for a small sum to obtain a packet of information with all chat handles inside. It makes sure both of us are serious and paying attention.

Direct to my cam line:

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