April 11

Financial Domination Is A Right, Not A Privilege

I am officially considering all financial domination RESTITUTION from the patriarchy for literally every moment of difficulty women have faced in your fucking quagmire of entitled garbage. You owe us. You don’t owe us as a game, or a joke – you fucking owe us. You owe us 23 cents for every hour we have […]

April 10

Double Damage w/ Mia Parker (Session Pix!)

Recently, Mia and I agreed to have an impromptu session with a friend of ours, who had been a very good boy, and wanted to earn his sea legs. Activities included but were not limited to: Spit play, anal fisting, anal fucking, bondage, caged t&d, foot worship, boot worship, ball stretching, playful humiliation, urethral sounding, […]

March 17

Please Stop Trying: A Tip for Clients on Posturing and Bravado

I… look, goddamnit… Some men have a really specific fetish – which is to dominate Dominant women. That doesn’t necessarily mean sexually (although it often does) – It’s this fucking knee-jerk resentment of women they don’t feel like they should be attracted to, but clearly are, and so they feel a need to duke it […]

March 08

The True Oracle of Sploosh: Kegel Witch (aka Ms. Yve)

I wanna know who out there is into Occult Role Play! Who is into evil, sexy witches casting spells to force them into servitude? Who is into creep magic? Who wants Morticia to beat them in a cemetery? Who wants boiled to death in a cauldron? I see this around a lot more in the […]

March 02

Nests Built By The Rarest of Birds: The Dominatrix Raptor

This is going to sound like the blog of some boring housewife, but seriously, it’s all I’ve been thinking about – because, you know, I have to (see this post,) and I might as well go for the gold right? I feel like I mostly want to accommodate a 1970’s conversation pit (complete with too-much-velvet […]

March 02

Updates From The Great Be(hind) <3

I recently (by which I mean five minutes ago) described myself as being “only mostly dead” – and this is accurate. I’ll give you some basics, and then I will pound out some excellent posts, my darlings. 1. Ms. Yve, as you may recall, gets migraines. She is, in fact, in the roughly 2% of […]

November 25

Holiday Gifts (Gimmegimmegimme!)

You want to get me something I will really like? Prepay for my ink here. Or my salon trips here. Call, prepay for whatever you want to gift me, and just tell them my name. They will apply a credit or make a gift card I can pick up. My Amazon wishlist is available, but […]