October 28

The Evolution of The Hypnodomme

As you probably know (if you’ve been a fan,) hypnosis is something I am certified in. It was a required part of my education as a Sexologist, and since, I’ve happily weaponized it to sexually threaten you. I mostly work on custom material, so you kids don’t ingest a lot of what I create because […]

October 28

Watching Porn is Becoming a Patron of The Arts

Stop watching clip sites. Stop watching clip sites and support your personal, beloved cam models and independent content creators, instead. Clip sites host content that has been stolen from (someone) and all of the $5 payments that should add-up to their rent for the month, goes to 12k unpaid views instead. The same is true […]

October 28

Halloween & Birthday Wishes

Stop watching clip sites. This is sort of like wishing for world peace, but still. Support your personal, beloved cam girls and independent content creators, instead. Watching porn is becoming a patron of the arts. Don’t treat us poorly by not valuing our labor. Cash Most of the time I just want to find great […]

March 31

Under Deconstruction.

See this page for details.