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March 03

Shutting Down Bullshit


June 08

The Tale of The Overqualified Dominatrix

As you know, I am an Internationally Certified Sex Educator. You also know that I am Certified Hypnotist, specializing in Sexuality. This week, after waves and waves of “Please blackmail me” emails, I’ve decided to add to my ridiculous list of qualifications, because really, why not? For some time, my standard go-to in heavy blackmail […]

January 19

New Kink I’m Into: 2016 Is for “Loving Extremism”

Ever-Evolving List: I want to blast radical feminist music into your ears while you just worship my feet. Like, I want to force you to think about the patriarchy while you are on your knees. Learn to truly hate yourself in a way that goes far beyond your unending desire to suck cock or whatever […]

January 19

I Don’t Want You to Spoil Me

… because you have terrible taste and it’s a god-awful burden to open these ugly presents. I know, I know. Young ladies like gifts and it’s very impressive when you buy them things. I understand I’m breaking the rules here. But. I don’t need your money, because I already used your fucking money to start […]

April 17

Dick Pix: A Tutorial

But additionally, I want to cut your dick off and throw it down the deepest well I can find.  

April 17

On men who cannot handle rejection…

“… they try to leverage fucking nutty shit, and when that fails, they “confide” in you, and it’s like a puppet show about friendship but all the puppets are dead rats and you’re in hell.” – Me. (I can quote myself, right? Too late, already did it.) But it’s true. Guys who cannot handle rejection turn into […]

April 16

Ms. Coral Korrupt : A True Icon of Taboo Kink

It is not possible for me to write this in a way that meets my own expectations, much less what is deserved. This is my best shot at giving credit where credit is due and honoring a peer I deeply respect. Coral Korrupt was a BDSM powerhouse long before I was ever a Dominatrix. For years, she […]