About Me


Psychosexual Dictator Extraordinaire. Tyrant. The Tenth Muse. Mindfucker. Soul-Stealer. Mad Hatter of Hypnotists. Edukated Soapboxer.

I offer unqualified and unlicensed dentistry.

(Just kidding, guys! I’m a totally qualified, unlicensed dentist.)

Listen, I’m funnier and wittier than the other Dommes you wish you knew. (You don’t really know any of us, do you? You are on the outside of the Inner Circle and we prefer it that way.)

I am one of very few Dommes you can find with a formal education in Human Sexuality and degree in Sex Education.

I am one of even fewer who is a certified hypnotist.

And one of fewer still who is a hypnotist specializing in sexuality.

The Lowdown:

I have been a lifestyle pervert for a thousand years and a Pro for something like eight. It has treated me well. You may remember me from such locations as “The Internet,” “Some Events,” and “That One Dungeon.”

I love what I do and I’ve been pushing myself to excel just as much as I’ve pushed my devotees, subs, and slaves to do the same. Equal effort, equal rewards, no?

I am a Seasoned, Unapologetic Humiliatrix. My newly-invented term for this is HuMilitant.

I am a Cunt. I will be hard on you.


I am a Proud Sex Worker and Sex Worker Rights Activist.

I read a lot. I pursue many interests. I collect many things. (You can probably find pictures of my antique medical equipment collection on this site, if you look hard enough.) I also travel whenever possible, because it’s fucking fun, and my camera is too nice to waste on staying home.