February 13



After a long email chain, Collide has told me in no uncertain terms the following things:

  1. All callers get routed through to the personal voicemail boxes of content creators. This means clients can hear your greeting, which for most of us is our legal name. Do the math on that . – Your legal name is probably your facebook account, and a $30 background check online for your address, place of work, and school.
  2. They have poor control over sms settings for their chat option, which means that users may or may not get text messages sent to their phone, as opposed to just app alerts or notifications if they are logged in via browser. This is a serious privacy concern. Anyone can pick up your phone and see a text summary on the lock page, should you have your phone setup for text summaries. Anyone with your phone password can see a message thread, in the sms, even if you’ve just been using the browser to chat through Collide. This may or may not be important to a given creator, but it is damn sure important to your clients that are married.
  3. Collide uses a third party service that accesses the registered email affiliated with your phone’s OS. That means your apple or android account email is tied to the Collide app. For most of us, that is a personal email account. As a result, replies to my help desk requests made through the app, have been sent to my personal inbox.
  4. On Collide, you have the option to “disable” your account, but not a clear option for deletion. I emailed about this as well of course, and was told that they need to process final payments and such before complete deletion, so be aware that it will be a couple days.
  5. Collide has stated that they are “open” about all of this, citing help desk articles hidden deep in some ever-changing user agreement rabbit hole. I suggested to them that they send out an email to users listing the privacy loopholes if they truly want to “keep us safe” and they are of course ignoring this suggestion.

I regret, fully, suggesting anyone use this service. I’ve accidentally pentested their security like five times and it’s all an abysmal failure on their part. They literally, laughably, told me that they want to “empower” (sex workers) and “take our safety seriously” all while explaining that they will not be doing anything about the above issues. I reminded them that phone sex services like Niteflirt have kept users safe literally for decades, it’s not that fucking hard.

I encourage any current Collide users to send hate mail before they delete their account. I also encourage you to signal boost this bullshit on social media. You may find my enraged posts on both Twitter and Instagram.