Ms. Coral Korrupt : A True Icon of Taboo Kink

Coral Korrupt

It is not possible for me to write this in a way that meets my own expectations, much less what is deserved. This is my best shot at giving credit where credit is due and honoring a peer I deeply respect.

Coral Korrupt was a BDSM powerhouse long before I was ever a Dominatrix. For years, she has been foremost in my mind’s eye when anyone talks about extreme taboo kink. The reasons why are worth mentioning:

1. It’s rare that people engage in such extreme play during RT sessions. This alone is courageous and adventurous. It requires skill you can’t imagine unless you’ve done it.

2. She has been not only unapologetic, but fundamentally defiant, in her arguments against those who criticize her career choices – which includes Dommes. (Who, in my opinion, have been scared shitless of her impact.)

3. When she debates her choices with these people, she shows extraordinary empathy, compassion, intuition, insight, and complete and total intolerance for bullshit.

4. She is the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen in person. Her irises are _actually_ golden. When she is in a fury, there is nothing more beautiful and terrifying.

I literally can’t imagine a world without Coral Korrupt in it as a Dominatrix. I have no idea what my entire profession looks like when she isn’t on her throne. She has been my go-to for EVERY client who ever wanted something extreme and difficult to find. She has been an inspiration to me as an independent sex worker who never took any shit and never apologized for her job. She has stood up for herself, flawlessly, without the support of a good deal of her peers. (Yet again, she has been the ultimate in controversial play.) She was one of the only Dommes for a LONG while who was a rockstar, not some untouchable elite princess. And that was actually huge for me.

When I was new, I didn’t know you could be any kind of Domme you wanted – There was only one fucking type: Elite, high-femme, royal seductress. Coral was on fire;  A tattooed rebel in an industry that considers itself rebellious, more interested in you knowing she could kick your ass around the block than knowing she was a princess.  She was a crucial figure in giving me (through observation) permission and inspiration to be something else. The entitled formal snob routine all over the industry was fucking TIRED and she was an oasis I needed. I saw that you could be Dominant AND yourself in Professional Kink, and I felt genuinely sorry for the (let’s say bare minimum 50% of) Dommes I knew were exhausted from pretending they were that boring, aristocratic creature, or a teenage stepdaughter.

Coral helped me evolve just by existing in a form true to herself.

I would learn later that Coral is also incredibly loving and generous. She is a loyal, loyal woman. She has volunteered time and effort to saving animals that borders on unbelievable. She is present, honest, and accountable in her personal life. She is strong beyond measure.

Coral Korrupt is a juggernaut. A force. She is, for many of us, and certainly for me, an icon.

And she deserves to hear it.

Coral Korrupt

Coral Korrupt