Financial Domination Is A Right, Not A Privilege

I am officially considering all financial domination RESTITUTION from the patriarchy for literally every moment of difficulty women have faced in your fucking quagmire of entitled garbage.

You owe us.

You don’t owe us as a game, or a joke – you fucking owe us.

You owe us 23 cents for every hour we have worked for our entire lives.

You owe us something like $75k per year for running your houses and caring for your children.

You owe us restitution for ever assault and hate crime.

You owe us restitution for every fucking interaction we’ve ever had with you, because they are all pretty goddamn patient, generous, and graceful on our parts – while you remained ignorant and disgusting.

Financial Domination is our erotic, friendly method of seeking restitution – Which is extremely benevolent after your centuries of robbery and offensive behavior.

YOU ARE WELCOME for this unreal gift from us! You are WELCOME for this opportunity to pay back everything you owe to the gender who has choreographed every act of kindness, care, emotional maturity, beauty, sexuality, and general magnificence that you have ever experienced in your otherwise vulgar lives.

Pay the fuck up. You have *our* money.