March 17


Please Stop Trying: A Tip for Clients on Posturing and Bravado

I… look, goddamnit…

Some men have a really specific fetish – which is to dominate Dominant women.

That doesn’t necessarily mean sexually (although it often does) – It’s this fucking knee-jerk resentment of women they don’t feel like they should be attracted to, but clearly are, and so they feel a need to duke it out. – To be clear, I’m not assuming hate mail is secretly about having a crush (although for sex workers it often is,) I’m talking about really clear creeps.

I wanna be sure to point out that it is NON-CONSENSUAL. They call DOMINANT women, who do not offer submissive services, but because we are sex workers you can just do whatever you want right? You don’t have to respect us? Hey-oh! Look out, Aggressor! We see you!

1. Ya’ll are transparent as hell. And you are also not rare. At all. Like, really. You are so super common. We get so many fucking emails from you idiots every week, and PAID CALLS – you literally pay money to do this. It’s called “negging” and it’s something like the world’s most clear declaration of insecurity and sexism. But your emails are like fucking novels and use $10 words so for some reason, you think you’re different than frat bros and PUA’s.


2. You are usually not openly trying to dominate us, which is even more ridiculous. You try to *trick* us, like somehow lure us into your really appealing web of condescending garbage and ignorant weirdness. And we are getting paid, so we sit there and listen to it… because we are taking your fucking money, you stupid, stupid asshole. Congratulations on paying our rent. (My favorite are the dudes who call and try to hypnotize *me* – You stupid shitbags are some of my favorite stories when I’m out with my friends.)

3. As of this exact second, after the hundreds of men who have, in fucking rude and maniacal sprees, tried to outsmart me on LITERALLY ANYTHING, a total of zero have succeeded. And this isn’t because I’m super smart (although I am) it’s because you guys… aren’t. I don’t know of ANY sex worker who has ever been successfully outsmarted by one of you offensive toads. Men who pick intellectual fights with sex workers have something to prove. Men who pick fights with smart, dominant women, have something to prove. Men who are secure and emotionally functional can sit down, enjoy their fetishes, and enjoy talking with strong, erudite women, without being so threatened as to feel a need to posture. They can have a fulfilling, mutually enjoyable interaction that forms a rapport, and maybe even a bond.

In closing:

Quit irritating sex workers with your weird bravado nonsense, and just be a goddamn person, because you are making yourself look ridiculous – and we, as in, all the attractive women you harass, totally share your username and are absolutely laughing at you as whole, adult, females who are off-the-clock and truly, genuinely, think you are a silly anecdote.