March 02

Updates From The Great Be(hind) <3

I recently (by which I mean five minutes ago) described myself as being “only mostly dead” – and this is accurate.

I’ll give you some basics, and then I will pound out some excellent posts, my darlings.

1. Ms. Yve, as you may recall, gets migraines. She is, in fact, in the roughly 2% of migraine sufferers that is resistant to almost every form of treatment. As such, things like, oh, changes in weather (there’s a foot of snow on the ground here) impact her crushing skull pain. When she isn’t around, it’s not because she hates you – it’s because you exist on the internet, and monitors are rarely her friend when her head hurts. Also, aside from the actual headache, migraines make you sort of dull and you can experience pretty intense aphasia for about 24hrs after, which does not make for the usual Ms. Yve experience of witty, cunty rapport. So, let’s travel back in time to some mathematic word problems we all hated:  If Ms. Yve gets roughly 12 migraines per month, and another 12 days is devoted mostly to recovery, how many days are left for full functionality and delightful emotional and physical abuse? The answer is “none” because sometimes I need to do laundry and go to the gym. – I haven’t stopped being a domme at any point in the last, oh, eight years? And it’s not coming anytime soon. Keep your shirt on, dudes. (TIP: If you are a sub AND a neurologist, I am probably really into you and you should email me right now with your office address.)

2. The pipes in my apartment iced-the-fuck-up and exploded and now I live in a frozen sea of regret. (Sort of.) As such, I have been house hunting! Which is, you know, time consuming and hard and all that shit, but I’m also in a bit of a rush because whatever frozen water is under my house will grow a cave of mold when the spring thaw comes. Nope! Not into it. (Do you have a house you want to give me? Please do.)

But, you know, I’m still a fox, and I still casually fist assholes on odd weekends, so for the most part things are right where you left them with me.

*Note: No migraine sufferer in the entire world wants your helpful hints about how to totally cure migraines that you’re absolutely sure work. If you aren’t a neurologist, don’t talk to me about them.

I'm Busy

ADDITIONALLY, aside from this coat I obviously want, how do we all feel about her haircut? Summer is coming and I just look so great with literally every haircut, you know?