Goddess Worship Is For Plebs

Can you please not use boring, overdone titles for me, dudes? Just fucking don’t.

I’m not a fucking Goddess, okay? I am not fictional. This is not make-believe about magic beings who live in the sky. And I’m not a goofy fucking teenage Pagan who wears shitty pentagram necklaces. God is dead and I have killed him. Please drop the deity garbage.

I’m not a Queen, because I wasn’t born into my power, and certainly wasn’t married into it. I’m not that undeserving or lazy.

I’m a goddamn Dictator. It says so right above this entry. You see that?

Let me help you understand:

  • a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.
  • synonyms: autocrat, absolute ruler, despottyrantoppressorautarch

    “a regime that has survived under one dictator for more than forty years”
  • Many dictators don’t usually call themselves dictators (although a few have). They can be presidents, prime ministers, chancellors or even monarchs. These rulers come to be known as dictators by the way that they wield their power. Although their regimes vary widely, most dictators have at least a few things in common. They don’t usually come to power through free constitutional elections; they often take control during coups d’etats, revolutions or states of emergency; and they have absolute, sole power over their state.
You following now? I am here because I claimed my fucking power from a world supposedly ruled by men. I am here to oppress you. (We have a lengthy history of female oppression to balance out, if you hadn’t noticed.) I am the Greedy Tyrant. (Even my business cards outline all these things.) Feel free to call me any of the following:
  • Mistress
  • Ms. Yve
  • Ma’am
  • Sir
  • Your Excellency
  • My Tyrant
  • Beautiful Tyrant
  • Great Tyrant
  • And so on.
  • I’ll even take Chancellor, Prime Minister, and Ms. President.
  • Queen is alright, maybe, possibly, if you are in favor of me getting to the throne by murder and deceit exclusively.
I don’t like boring shit. I don’t like typical subs or slaves. Come here to die of a broken heart, or don’t come here at all. I don’t want an offering at some bullshit altar. I don’t want you to pretend I’m some figurehead with a crown. I want total domination, and will burn your house down to get it. Are we clear here?
It’s so fucking stupid to be into this fantasy of proper titles and wanting to refer to a Domme with respect and then NOT TAKE THE THREE SECONDS to read what her openly-stated preference is.