Guys, get ready. Get excited, in fact.

I’ve spent all night (all. fucking. night.) working on recordings. (I also ordered some new audio gear!)

Here’s the thing: The usual hypno-mp3 thing is great, but it’s not fun for me, personally, to produce. I prefer live interaction, given the choice, to standard mp3 production.

However. I do love me some projects. And audio projects count.

Which, is to say, I hope you are in the mood for some experimental, melodic, brainwashing. My goal is to make something unique, and truly hypnotic, for you to fall into. I want you to get lost. And given that this is my speciality, it seems likely that you will.

More to come as I start the final upload process. I plan to mark all melodic hypno recordings as such, and I will keep the natural-voice files as a separate creature, each version being available in the same pack.

And remember, I love fan mail and feedback, so please feel free to write as you hear what comes pouring out.

But only with compliments.

Because fuck you.