October 23


Autumn Hipster Domme

Fall is for falling in love (with me.) …I’m in hate with you, to be clear.

Remember back when I was a Baby Domme and I would politely cater to the occasional wardrobe request during cam calls? I was so cute.

It’s getting cold, nerds, so all my warm, cuddly gear is crawling out of storage. I love it. I am beginning the artful winter cocooning process, wrapping delicious knits all around myself.

Summer is not for pale girls, Internet. Winter is when our reign begins.

I bought new cashmere knit hats, plenty of knee-high socks, all the tights in the world, and obviously you will never see me without a mug of coffee/cocoa/tea. Duh.

Fall2014_2_2 fall2014_3