Another Successful Sex Ed & Coaching Moment


It feels really, really good to make someone feel better about themselves, and come up with a solid plan for growth. It truly does.

So much information about our sexuality is totally hidden from us. Even enlightened, adventurous (and kinky!) people can have huge complexes, problems, and worries about their sexuality – and so much of that is unnecessary. There are these critical pieces of information that are *so hard* to come by and they can make grand differences in how we experience sex.

We are missing huge amounts of information that keep us from empathizing and truly understanding our partners experiences. We are missing information about little tricks and tips that make worlds of difference. We have been taught strange myths about bodies, orgasms, and physical intimacy as a whole. We have been denied the ability to discuss problems with each other without fear of being judged. – And this all makes me very fucking sad, which is exactly why I work on sex education and research.

I’ll give you some examples here – because the usual “fuck puritanical values” thing doesn’t even come close to encompassing the information we are missing.

Fun Fact: Women, did you know that part of your difficulty in orgasm can be aleveated if you put on socks? It’s true! This is not a myth, or some hunch – it’s been studied. Click Here. Wouldn’t it have been nice to know that like a thousand years ago? How many orgasms could you have had if someone just told you that cute socks could usher you into a world of orgasm more easily?

Fun Fact: Did you know that women are far less likely than men to have an orgasm during casual sex? This is for a number of reasons, in my opinion, but the one on-record is that it has to do with sexual competence – women are harder to get off – and because of this, we are less likely to agree to casual sex because, usually, it isn’t worth it. What this means for men: Dudes, you need to actually learn how to please women. Read a book, preferably one written by a woman. I recommend this youtube channel as well. What this means for women: Congratulations! You are not frigid! It’s totally normal for you to miss an orgasm the first couple times you sleep with someone! Don’t fake one, or you just teach the goon with you that he can give you orgasms in ways he actually cannot. Be honest and courageous and tell him how to do it – and if he isn’t into it, punch him in the dick, steal his wallet, and walk out.

In general, actually, I recommend this youtube channel. Betty Dodson is my personal idol.

My point is this: There is more to learn, and it can be hard to find, and that’s why I do what I do. (Uh, BTW, you mofos are all asking me why I’m not available on Niteflirt more – it’s because I’m trying to get more degrees in this, so you can cum harder. Don’t hate.)