DOMESTIC SERVICE POSITION (Previous applicants welcome to reapply !)

Well, guys – here we are again. My last search for a domestic slave was (eventually) fruitful, but this wealth of free labor was short-lived. (Scheduling conflicts arose unexpectedly.)

I need a replacement slave! I’m going to rattle off some random important points for service, and please read them before applying:

  • Do you know how infuriating it is to have people constantly offering to “serve” me by generously suggesting that this service include them getting laid all the time and require me doing a lot of work (as a domme) for free? You idiots, I swear to god.
  • Please *have time* to do this. If you don’t have time to work, for real, every week, then you do not have time to be a domestic slave. I suggest that you be able to keep at least three solid hours open, but occasionally there may be a big project, and you may need something closer to six hours.
  • This will not grant you any romantic or sexual access to my esteemed personage.
  • This DOES include occasional work for Miss Lina, next door – which means you’re a lucky little shit who gets to serve two exquisite Dommes with your free time, an experience people pay about $500/hr for.
  • You will occasionally be asked to assist in fun stuff, like being our tea table while we watch netflix.
  • You need to have disposable income, because I will absolutely be asking you to pick-up food on your way over, etc. This doesn’t mean you need thousands of dollars to burn, but it means I will be pissed if you can’t do what *I* do for my friends and bring a fucking pizza over like a gentleman now and then.
  • I am going to fuck with you. Of course.
  • This is my *home* and it is my *personal* life and that means discretion is a must. It also means I’m going to need to see your ID and run a background check, because I’m not stupid.
  • Your duties will include: Cleaning things that actually need cleaned and not just dusted, like my car, floors, and stove. Yard work – I have a small yard, but it needs mowed/raked/groomed in general. I haven’t lived in this house long, so it’s in the process of being perfected. Also, this requires that you own a lawnmower, because I have nowhere to store one. Handyman chores, like mounting shelves, painting rooms, etc.
  • You must not be allergic to cats or you will die here.
  • In general, you need to appreciate that I am an actual human being – you will be seeing me without makeup, know what foods I eat, see how I actually interact with friends in my personal life, etc. I am not actually a fantasy vending machine. You have to want to serve a real woman, with real dedication, and appreciate the complexity of the situation. I am not here to satisfy your two-dimensional fantasies about sexy ladies constantly hovering over you, telling you that you’re a slut. I’m going to be in another room reading while you are working a lot of the time. Half the point of this is that, whether you are aware or not, Ms. Yve is super busy and constantly working, and I would like to shorten my to-do list so I can ever get to sleep at night. Your job is to help me, not require constant attention.
  • Everyone I know is kink-friendly and discrete, or they wouldn’t know me. You must be cool with being seen by my friends. They are not interested in your identity or ruining you. You are not important to them. They are interested in our mutual social life. I will not limit my social interaction because you are here cleaning, and may indeed ask you to provide basic food/drink service at parties.
  • Don’t be a creep, dude, come on.
  • Obviously you will be rewarded for good work. I’m not a monster.
  • Please send literate, thoughtful applications! This is a fucking resume, not a friendly email. I don’t want to see a single paragraph that says you’re interested and will work hard. I want to see a full page of your skills, any references you have, why you want the job, etc. Don’t be a lazy slob about your application, or I will assume you are a lazy slob in general, and you will not get a response. Filtration process, yo.
  • If you have applied before FEEL FREE TO REAPPLY! I can’t find all the previous application emails, so it would be useful if you updated them and re-sent.
  • Send applications to: