C.O.P.E. 2014

Per usual, a great event – duh. I was super tired, so I didn’t go to as many things as I usually do, but it was fabulous nonetheless.

I was excited to see so many new people! It seems that our local events are gaining in popularity – over 500 people attended! And I am pleased to say that I saw more POC and TNG attendees than I have previously, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings for the future of our local scene!

I was excited to see some really exquisite rope bondage and suspension scenes, elated to give Miss Mia Parker her warm-up spanking before her corporal scene with TinMan, overjoyed to see FemsUnited show their stuff in the main play space with an interesting bubble wrap bondage scene, and (as always) rolling in the general bliss of staring at Miss Lina Rousseau’s ass while she walked around in front of me.

Naturally, my crew had perfect attire for the Friday night theme party (Sexy At The Office). Let me illustrate!

Miss Lina stole my gorgeous 1940’s skirtsuit, and killed it with those fucking curves, as always:


Miss Mia rocked the slutty CEO’s wife (pix to come.)

And Yours Truly? To boast a tad, I feel like my outfit was really outstanding and surprisingly comfortable, and I was happy to pay homage to every porn I ever watched on VHS in the 90’s – AND SINCE THE 90’s ARE BACK – I present to you the world’s sexiest copy repairman:

90s porn throwback!

90s porn throwback!

Toner ink on my face included (which is actually cruelty-free makeup)

copy machine repairman, 90s porn!

copy machine repairman, 90s porn!