I’m so fucking excited about this it’s unreal – and so is everyone else! I’ve had three requests so far from close (sexy) friends – and obviously I will be shaving my legs this way. Time to do all my homework and get practicing!

I’m also excited about this because, let’s be honest, this is a horrifying edge play game, but it’s also really luxurious and caring. Like, this is an intimate, ritualistic thing of beauty – that I will master, and spoil my play partners rotten with.




My strop, strop dressing, badger brush, sandalwood shave cream, aftershave, Japanese wetstone, shaving mug, and beautiful hollow core straight razor from Germany. I never do anything half-assed, and I never practice poor taste.

the whole shebang


Did I mention my beautiful barber chair and antique barber cart? Are you seeing this fucking beautiful rig? My home is amazing. My play partners are the luckiest people on the planet, clearly.