Expedited Erotic Hypnosis, The Modern Man’s Fantasy


Things have been interesting lately.

My hypnosis skills are being put to the test left and right – and I am happy to report that all reviews are stellar.

This excellent feedback is coming in the form of moans, cries, total disorientation upon waking from trance, and of course the actual written feedback on my profiles.

I love it.

Now, to note: Off-the-cuff hypnosis is actually a pretty big exertion. It’s amazing and extremely erotic, but if you were to visit me in an office for formal hypnosis, there would be an interview with intake forms, and then I would prepare for our future sessions together by writing up a treatment plan. – When we engage in erotic hypnosis role play, however, I am still using my existing skill set, but I’m also writing the script *for you* in real time, with no preparation. It’s intense, exciting, and requires a little elbow grease on my part (and yours, but in a more literal sense. *wankwankwank*)

We all know I love a good challenge – it’s the only way to truly improve – so keep it coming.

But remember to take care of your Domme, too. When I work hard for you, you should express gratitude.