August 22


Help Me Enjoy *MY* Fetish



Update 10/14: MISSION COMPLETE! 

You all know I have an excellent antique barber chair. I use it for bondage, for sex in general, and for sitting around to look good. What I haven’t used it for? Shaving.

I really, really want to master the art of using a straight razor. Not on *my* face, of course, but on someone’s – and on other parts.

I want to shave my legs with one. (I’ll record it for you!)

I want to shave a man’s face with one. (I know you want to see this, too.)

I want to drag a deeply horrifying blade, gently, over soft skin.

I want to engage in the ritual of it: The hot towels, the lather, the prep.

I want to develop a collection of antique shaving cups.

I want to drag the blade over a strop and make a .gif for you.

I want to take pictures of my gorgeous hands and nails fondling a beautiful razor and thick foam.

I want to, one day, shave someone’s pubic hair off with this razor. (I’ll share the process and results, of course.)

But first, I need the equipment.

I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s a seriously lavish gift, and after a year of putting it off, it seems clear that I’m never going to do this of my own accord.

I want the whole thing: The razor, the brush, the strop, everything. I want to do this in style, properly.

So, help me out. Send me a part of (or the whole) kit. Help me explore a fetish of *mine* instead of navigating your own, for once. Foster lust and exploration in my life. Look forward to the day I share it with you.

And remember, if you choose to contribute to my sex life, you must tell me via email, so I can remove whatever you purchased from my wishlist.

Click here and please note that the items are scattered across several pages, as some have gone in and out of stock.