July 15


Book Review: Sex Criminals

sex criminals

Oh man! Ohmanohmanohman!

As you may suspect, I bought this the second I laid eyes on it without hesitation. Turns out, this was an okay decision!

I’m not totally sure that I 100% agree with the presentation of all the subjects BUT it touches on the following:

1. Our lack of sex education and limited resources for young people trying to learn about what sexuality means.

2. Slut-shaming.

3. Sexual agency (like, the ability to own and operate your own sexuality, though certainly there are consequences.)

4. Having such good orgasms that time literally stops long enough to commit crimes against Corporate America.

I’m a little hesitant, but only because there are some highly controversial topics in this (that I clearly have opinions on) and the book was written by two men. To their credit, they are handling this all with a certain amount of grace and respect so far, and I certainly plan on buying Volume 2 when it’s available. Keep it up, guys! I’m with you so far!